Monday, January 2, 2017

Little late but last post of 2016/first post of 2017

2016 sure flew by but was filled with many highlights. Here are a few of them.
Bryana Holly

Nina Dobrev

Margot Robbie

Jennifer Morrison

Amy Adams

Emma Stone

 Think I should do a "Top-something" one of these days. Think I've met enough celebs for that. Speaking of 2016, here are my top 10 movies for the 2016, in rough order. Didn't watch as many movies this year as I did last year so hence only 10.*
1. Arrival
2. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
3. Captain America: Civil War
4. Deadpool 
5. The Nice Guys
6. Hell or High Water
7. The Conjuring 2
 8. Jason Bourne
9. Sing
10. Star Trek Beyond
Honorable mentions: Triple 9, Patriot's Day, The Shallows, Lights Out, Me Before You.
*Only saw 40+ movies this year, compared to well over 50 last year.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Coachella 2016

Little delayed on the posts but Coachella was a blast last month. Part of the reason you go weekend 1 is for the celebs and you just randomly run into people. Here are a few.

Jared Leto

Halston Sage

Supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio

Jamie Chung

Josh Hutcherson

Supermodel Samantha Hoopes

Destiny Sierra

Can't wait for next year. Presale tickets happening soon. Who's down?

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Last two months were crazy. Here are some highlights, starting with Maria Sharapova and Friends tennis event a couple weekends ago. Ended up getting sick from that event but was worth it getting a photo with Sharapova.
Will Arnett
Maria Sharapova
Bowling with Bunnies charity event last month at Lucky Strike Hollywood.
Kayla Reid and Monica Sims
Deryck Whibley
Primitive Gallery Opening reception at Seventh Letter last month. British invasion by these beauties.
Rosie Jones
Claudia Dean
India Reynolds
Rachel Harris Art Show at The Well couple weeks ago.
Stephanie Branton
Rachel Harris
LA Auto Show last month. 
Megan Agrusa
Samantha Kozuch

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Comic Con 2015

Over two months late but absolutely swamped with work and events. Pretty difficult to do blog posts when you're out almost every night or working. Here are some highlights from San Diego Comic Con 2015. Better late than never.
Shelly Hennig

Holland Roden

Christian Slater

David Sandberg aka Kung Fury

Camilla Luddington

Amy Acker

Pamela Horton

Eleni Young Antonia

Alona Tal

Still got hundreds of photos to sort through. Hopefully next post will be sooner than 3 months haha.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Premieres for Magic Mike XXL, Terminator: Genisys, The Gallows

Little late due to Comic-Con and days of recovering but here's my review for Magic Mike XXL. For someone who has never seen the 1st Magic Mike, the sequel was quite entertaining, for some of scenes. Dancing was well choreographed and the soundtrack is quite good. You don't watch this movie for the acting. Not sure what Amber Heard's role was in the movie, which could have be played by nearly any other attractive blonde. Overall, I give it a C-plus. Would rate it higher if the likes of this beauty showed up in the movie.
Supermodel Samantha Hoopes
Meeting Samantha Hoopes was the highlight of the evening. I didn't even care for the movie after that haha. Photo doesn't do her justice and she's really cool in person. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram

Terminator: Genisys wasn't bad, better than the last two Terminator films and enough Arnold one liners for some added humor. Movie wasn't predictable, which is good by my standards. Lot of folks believe Jai (who plays Kyle) and Emilia (who plays Sarah) were miscasts but Emilia more than holds her own, getting her hands dirty in the film. At very least she looks like a younger Hamilton. Jai does a decent job, despite being outdone by Arnold and even Emilia. I give it a B-minus.
Director Robert Rodriguez

Wilmer Valderrama
Lydia Hearst. Follow her Twitter and Instagram

The Gallows is a fairly average horror flight in terms scare factor. The film picks up little steam halfway through, albeit becomes rather predictable the rest of the way save for one twist. The neat aspect of the film was they kept their real names for the movie, along with the unrealistic display of night vision from smartphones. For what it's worth, film was ok with the budget they were working with ($100K to be exact) so even if it makes a few million, that's huge. Get's a C-plus in my book, which is about average for most of the horror flicks these days.
Met Pfeifer Brown at the premiere. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram
Always a pleasure running into the lovely Amanda Cerny. If you don't know her yet, follow her on Twitter and Instagram

Review of Comic-Con in next blog post, as soon as I get through my photos haha.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

LA Film Fest, E3, Extreme Autofest

Went to my first E3 a couple weeks ago from June 16th thru 18th (although I was only able to go for couple days) and it did not disappoint. Met quite a few familiar faces and some new ones, including quite a few athletes. Highlight was probably meeting Tony Hawk.
JaVale McGee
Kenneth Faried
Andre Drummond
Verne Troyer
Tony Hawk
Jessica Vargas
At an E3 after party at Samsung Studio, met the gorgeous Jessica Vargas who's an actress and model. Photo doesn't do her justice but you can follow her adventures on Instagram here.  

E3 also managed to coincide with LA Film Festival where I again ran into familiar faces and met new ones including Mark Ruffalo, Rene Russo, and Amanda Crew. Danielle Vasinova, Silvia Busuioc, and Bella Thorne were lovely as usual.
Mark Ruffalo
Rene Russo
Danielle Vasinova. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram
Silvia Busuioc. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram
Bella Thorne
Amanda Crew

That weekend was also Extreme Autofest. Lot of models and cars but highlight was meeting this beauty at the Soundstream booth.

Maybe you've seen her in this video.
Watch for Deena in future roles. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter.
Be back after the 4th with my reviews and coverage of Terminator: Genisys and Magic Mike XXL premiere. Happy Independence Day folks.