Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Tron; Chinese New Year; Mia at Biscayne Super Bowl Party; Market America

Haven't posted in over month. The last few weeks have been ridiculous. Finally got to watch Tron on the 22nd and it was a great movie (not Dark Knight or Avatar awesome but still quite good) with the special effects and musical score by Daft Punk. Seeing Olivia Wilde in that black spandex bodysuit is almost worth the price of admission. She's actually single now...

The following week I went to the Mirrodin Besieged Prerelease for MtG, where I didn't do very well. I've been in a slump lately, winning nothing, and seeing my DCI rating go nowhere. Later this month I'm actually going to play in a tournament for some money, up to $5000 in prize money. We'll see how that goes. Thing is, there's also a medical convention that weekend.

The 3rd was Chinese/Lunar New Year and I was expecting a couple old high school friends in town. Met up with one of them at a Chinese New Year party at Hilton in Downtown Miami since the other one was stranded back in CA due to crazy storm of the century blasting most of the country. On that Thursday night we went out to grab a late bite, and I learned good lesson after trying to drive back to the Extended Stay Hotel. Next time I better find the address of where someone is staying before I embark because there are many Extended Stay locations in a city. Took over an hour to find the place, which was rather embarrassing. Guess the only excuse I have is it was rather late.

On Saturday I went to the Market America World Conference at American Airlines Arena. The day was interesting, and I got to see Eva Longoria on stage. Later that night, we all partied at Nikki Beach till past 2 in the morning. I didn't get home till after 5 AM (Sunday morning) because I was so tired driving home. That actually turned out to be a 19-hour day, considering I woke up at 8 and I actually didn't sleep until 3 AM Saturday morning/Friday night from playing Magic. Super Bowl Sunday was even more awesome. Got up a little past 10, got ready, and headed off to the Doubletree Hotel near the airport to pick up my two friends. We headed off to South Beach for lunch on Ocean Drive, then hung out at the beach for a couple hours. Was planning on going to the Heat/Clippers game that afternoon but no matter because what would happen later that evening would make my night. I took them to Mia at Biscayne for a Super Bowl Party that I was invited to by Mister USA (who actually quit our program, which I'll explain later). It went down as a night to remember, as I basically got to meet quite a few models who were there for a mini pageant that was supposed to be held in Dallas but had to be relocated last minute, which worked out for moi.

I found out this last Thursday that Mister USA quit our residency, or rather, his internship. The consequence of that? Well, I became collateral damage because I got bequeathed multiple call shifts since I'm the person on backup for the week. So in one day, I tripled my call shifts. Oh well, guess that's my payment owed for the VIP partying, meeting multiple models, including Hillary Fisher.

Here are some photos from a week ago:

Congrats to Hillary who won that night. Packers also won but I really didn't care. I should probably thank Mister USA for that night.

Hope everyone had a nice Valentine's Day. As usual, it was SAD for me.