Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Guess what day today is? If you can’t figure it out yet, read the title of this post. And know what’s even cooler? 11:11:11, which just passed about an hour ago Eastern time, and will soon pass Central time. And for those of you on the West Coast, that’ll soon occur =) Next palindrome will be in 11 days. By the way, November will have several palindromes this year.

On the 19th of December, I went to my second Dolphins game, which was also my second NFL game. This time we did some extensive tailgating, but ended up missing the tipoff and jet flyby again. The game was alright, though a disappointing game by the home team. It was the worst display of field goal kicking I have ever seen. All Dan Carpenter had to do was make one of his four field goal attempts. Dolphins eventually lost by 3, but my two friends from Buffalo liked the end result so the drive home was good for them. I didn’t want an unpleasant group of passengers. My friend Katie tells me it was the first time in 5 years that the Bills have won in Miami.

The following night, or rather early morning of the 21st, there was a lunar eclipse, which I couldn’t catch since it occurred at 3 AM haha! Guess I could’ve stayed up all night.

I flew back home to LA on Christmas Eve and my flight was rather interesting. Upon first boarding, while I walked to my seat, I noticed my window seat occupied by a little boy with his brother and mother next to them. She started to talk to me in Spanish, explaining how she would like to have me switch seats with her son (good thing I understood some of it). I replied in Spanish, “Yo no se,” which means “I don’t know” because I wanted to ask the stewardess. I ended up accepting of course since I couldn’t really refuse at that point right? So after taking my new seat, this guy next me started talking to me, disclosing how his last name is Chung and some mistake him for being Chinese. Minutes later, I find out he’s a Korean actor. At about the same time, the same stewardess from earlier comes by to hand me a free comfort pack because I agreed to swap seats with the kid. Cool how I got something out of it. So I end up sleeping for most of the flight. After landing, while I was waiting for my brother to pick me up, I heard someone calling me from behind. I turn around to see Albert and Anandit from my med school days. What a small world. We chatted for a few minutes before going on our separate ways but was nice running into them unexpectedly. 

So during my week break I basically spent time with family and friends. Ate out several times, and ran into an old high school friend twice in the same day, unplanned haha. Main blemish was seeing my Lakers lose to the Heat on Christmas Day haha, but overall, didn’t do much because I started having a headache from the time I got off the plane on Christmas Eve until New Year’s weekend when I flew back. At first I thought it was jet lag but couldn’t have lasted that long. Anyhow, didn’t celebrate as much as I wanted to but hope everyone had a nice holiday season. Happy New Year! Main resolution: turn in this blasted application for medical license.