Sunday, May 1, 2011

What a month...Kevin Rudolf concert, b-day, car accident, Heat game...

April was just a roller coaster of a month. Not sure why that is but around my birthday it seems like bunch of things occur, and it’s not always pleasant. First, the good stuff. On April 7th I went to watch Sucker Punch with a friend. It was alright, not as bad as most people were saying because there's definitely a deep message to the movie. Besides, attractive girls kicking ass is always good entertainment (think Resident Evil). Also, Jamie Chung went to my alma mater. Too bad I never met her in person.

The following day, Kevin Rudolf had a free concert in Downtown, Miami. Our chief resident tagged along, though I think it was out of pity since I was planning to go alone if no one joined. Afrobeta(who was at Ultra) opened for him and there was a long delay before he started. He only sang 6 or 7 songs but it was worth it at the end since I got a photo with him. I only spent $5 that evening, and that was on parking.

My birthday was the following Monday and I invited some of the residents and students to go to Dave & Buster's, without letting anyone know it was my birthday. Most of the found out as the day went on however. We had a good time, played some games, even found out a game machine that was dysfunctional, spewing out tickets like crazy. It was the first time a few years at D&B, and only my 4th time ever.

Later that week, I went to happy hour that Friday the 15th at Tobacco Road, then checked out Fado in Brickell, a new Irish pub. I ended up getting a little buzzed but left early enough to get some rest. The next day, a friend and I went to the Miami Heat’s first playoff game for this season. We thought it was going to be a blowout by 4th quarter but turned out to be a close game down the stretch. The Heat won, and I got a free taco out of it, courtesy of Jrue Holiday missing a free throw haha.

This past week has been particularly difficult. I’ve had to deal with the burden of knowing that another fellow resident, whom I thought was a friend, lied to my face weeks ago, not once but twice. He told me I would be chief next year because he’s not running for it, which he actually told me on March 11th and March 25th. Talk about integrity and backstabbing. Can’t believe some people will do anything just to get ahead.stunned Some of you reading probably know who I'm talking about. If not, well, you’ll find out soon enough. All I'm going to say is, don't get mad, get even. Don't underestimate the power of the internet.

Last weekend I find out my grandpa has colon cancer. A couple weeks ago he had rectal bleed so a colonoscopy was performed, where doctors found a colon mass. Surgery was performed on the 21st of April. He’s discharged from hospital and recovering; fortunately it’s stage II according to the doctors (which means no metastasis) so hope that’s really the case. Speaking of cancer, I lost a patient this past Wednesday to lung cancer. Granted she was terminal but still, first time someone under my care expired. Later that morning, someone steals my evaluations for my rotations.censored

And then, that afternoon, I get in a car accident at approximately 14:20. It happened right before I was going to turn into the hospital parking area, which was a shame. The last thing I remember is getting off the freeway, seeing the light green, turning onto Coral Way(street parallel to hospital) and then seeing a car turn left at the next intersection. I ended up t-boning the guy in the driver side rear because I didn’t stop in time. My front left is completely smashed in so I can’t exactly drive it. Hopefully insurance will cover it. One thing’s for sure, my premium is going up.bummed Guess that’s what happens when you’re averaging only 5 hours of sleep a day for the past couple weeks. I end up going to the ER after just to get checked. Now I know how it feels to get a CT scan after getting one of my head yesterday. What's with that weird smell inside that machine though, unless I was still smelling the airbag powder?! Days after my accident, glad it wasn't much worse. I could've been seriously injured or dead by now. Ugh, what a mess though. Now another headache to deal with.sad In such times, you know who your real friends are. So now that's two accidents in one month, and that's my 4th car accident in a decade(if you count driving into a parking gate but that's another story). Guess I’m a little accident prone, or stuff like this always happens to me around this time of year.

On Friday it was pouring rain and hail. Thought I was going to get hit by lighting or killed by hail. I was supposed to go to a charity event at Kitchen 305 hosted by Maxim model Tami Donaldson but I didn’t have a car, which was a problem. I convinced a friend to tag along, since I promised he wouldn’t have to pay anything that evening. I brought along some tennis balls for donation and we head out a little after 6 pm; fortunately it wasn’t raining. It started raining along the way but stopped when we got to Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort in Sunny Isles where Kitchen 305 is at. The place is quite nice. Tami doesn’t show up until a little later but I got a photo with her, along with a couple other lovely ladies, which was really awesome. A few models were fashionably late and my ride had to leave earlier so we didn’t get to meet everyone but I left happy. Ended week on a positive note at

Here’s the banner, for those of you who missed out:

My grandpa actually had surgery on Judgment Day(reference to a movie of course). Interesting. Gosh, where did the month go? Even with all these things happening, feels like April just flew by. Let's hope nothing bad happens to me in May.

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