Thursday, August 25, 2011

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On the 5th, I went to the Goo Goo Dolls concert up at Pompano Beach Amphitheater, with guests Michelle Branch and Parachute opening. Drove up with a couple friends a little after 3 in the afternoon to try and beat traffic. Fortunately, there wasn't much at all and we got there quite early with plenty of time to spare. We decided to get some food beforehand at Tijuana Flats, which I tried for the first time. By the time we finished eating, it was still barely 5 pm and when we got to the actual park/amphitheater, it wasn't even 5:30. We were one of the first ones there; a couple families were doing some tailgating on the side. While waiting, we tried to sell off the extra ticket that we had (can't believe no one wanted to join, even if I was offering to pay for their ticket), and I got a free red bull from red bull girls driving around. At 7, I walked in, met up with a couple others, and went to watch the band Parachute open. They weren't bad. Afterwards, they had a meet and greet with the band members. Then it was Michelle Branch up next. She was apparently sick that evening but still did a great performance. That was my first time seeing her live, and surprisingly, she also did a meet and greet after. So yea, got to meet Michelle Branch and get her to autograph her album Hotel Paper.

That Friday was the best day of the weekend. Saturday was Free Bowling Day in honor of National Bowling Week, though no one wanted to join. What really frustrated me was wasting over an hour texting and calling people. In the evening, I find one of my tires flat, and discover a nail in it wtf Fortunately, I was able to inflate, in the rain.angry And if that wasn't enough, it was getting dark and my cell phone was dead. What dumb luck that day. Somehow, I still ended up going out to La Bodeguita, a Cuban restaurant/club. Dancing was cool, but the service was not. I grade the place a C-minus.

For most of Sunday, I spent it researching tires and shopping for best deals. By early afternoon, it started raining so I couldn't do anything as far as the tire was concerned! Rain didn't stop until early evening so I was basically a homebody. Needless to say, the flat tire ruined my weekend. On Monday, I went to Sears early in the morning to get the tire repaired, or rather changed. I ended up changing all 4 tires because they were all nearly out of tread. Probably not safe with all this rain since I could hydroplane.

That Saturday, there was a pool party at Gansevoort Hotel rooftop in South Beach. That was pretty cool but we got there near the end when most of the people were already starting to leave. Randomly ran into a medical student, which was quite amusing. Now why don't I run into any gorgeous girls I know? Afterwards, tried La Sandwicherie on South Beach, which is amazing. On Sunday, I went to Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens for free entry during Sundays this month. I met up with another resident and his girlfriend. Was supposed to meet up with another friend but he ended getting lost inside the place so didn't see him until the end. Should have brought my camelbak but good thing they had free water there. Place was nice, though doesn't beat the Huntington Library and Arboretum in LA.

On the 16th, I went to watch a free prescreening of Conan the Barbarian with another resident at AMC up in Aventura Mall. The movie wasn't too shabby. Got free goodies in the process. Think my new hobby will be trying to watch movies in theaters for free, via advance screenings haha. On Tuesday, went to catch Our Idiot Brother. Today, Colombiana haha.

Went Y100 pool party this past Saturday at Catalina Hotel and Beach Club in South Beach. Met Travis McCoy of Gym Class Heroes, who killed it with his DJ set. Guy shook hands with ton of people. Should've asked for photo but I photobombed a couple lol. Also met Rick Ordria from My Electric Heart, along with Mack from Y100, and a few others, including couple models. Got free snacks, cd, drinks(including shots). Afterwards, I was so buzzed that I had to take a quick nap before driving to my friend's place for a little house party in Brickell. I only stayed an hour and then had to bounce for Seminole Hard Rock Casino where Tropic Beauty Model Seach pageant finals was going. I won't delve into it much further. Instead, I'll let some photos do the talking. Afterwards, I took the med student who joined me to Opium Hard Rock nightclub where DJ Sasha Grey was there. Now that was a party. Kudos to promoter friend Mike who hooked me up again for entry.

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