Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Work, party, concert, movie, work, party, fashion show, work, party, movie...

So much has happened in this crazy past month, especially with my new duties as chief resident and all the new residents starting. I'll try to recap briefly.

I was invited to attend a fashion show event at the Shore Club on June 25th and I dragged a few other fellow residents along. We got there around 11 pm but less than an hour later, it started raining. The area was mostly outdoors, and so the fashion show was postponed/cancelled unfortunately. Shore club was nice though, despite the rain. They have this area called the SkyBar, which is an indoor lounge/club. Not bad.

On Wednesday the 29th, we went to watch U2 perform at Sun Life Stadium. Took us about 3 hours driving just to get there, and we made it just on time to get our tickets from StubHub at 7:30. Florence and the Machine opened for them and then there was a long intermission. Finally, at 9 pm, the entire band finally walk out, with David Bowie's Space Oddity playing. The next two hours were just amazing. I'll post photos later, but might be the best concert I've ever seen. Worth the 50 dollars and 3 hours of driving it took to get there.

On that Saturday, July 2nd, I went to watch Transformers 3 with a few other residents. It was pretty good, though near the end of the movie, with about 20 minutes left, the audio goes out and the movie had to be stopped rewound 10 min and started up again. When it was all said and done, the theatre gave all of us a free 3-D movie voucher. Apparently, couple nights before on Thurs was the world premiere event on South Beach and a friend of mine actually got to attend. Can't believe I missed that, especially since it was free. I recall it was pouring heavy rain that night anyway.

The following day, I went to the Florida SuperCon, which was going on all weekend. Got to see a few celebrity guests, took a few photos here and there. All in all, seemed like it was cooler as a volunteer during the Wizard World Comic Con when I got photos/autographs for free and met the special guests. Met up with a friend there and we met Meekakitty, aka Tessa Violet, who's a YouTube sensation if you don't know her. Really cute, and super funny.

On the 4th of July, went to Crandon Park on Key Biscayne with a few residents to have a BBQ for the afternoon. Afterwards, went to Brickell to meet up with a first year intern to go to South Beach for the 4th of July fireworks show. While waiting though, I had my air conditioner on for about half an hour. When I tried to start my engine, it wouldn't crank and kept giving me this noise. Fortunately, was able to get it jumped with the help of a security guy driving around and my first year friend. Lesson of that day: don't leave air conditioner on without the engine on or you'll drain your battery.

On Wednesday night, me and a couple first years went to Mansion Nightclub for Oh la La Cheri Fashion Show. The show itself lasted less than 10 minutes but the cool thing was we got in the club for free since I had a hookup through a model that was in the fashion show. Was pretty cool especially since I spent nothing that night, except on gas perhaps. Thanks Melanie Tillbrook and the club promoter Mike.

The following week was Miami Fashion Week and I got into a few fashion show events held by some big name fashion designers: Lila Nikole, Cosabella, Betsey Johnson. Most of it was part of Funkshion Fashion Week but it spanned from the 12th through the 17th. Went to shows on the 14th, 16th, and 17th. And I'm glad I missed the fashion show events on the 15th to play Magic instead because I met this girl there who's absolutely gorgeous. It actually never crossed my mind that this girl I'm talking to and playing a game with could be a model. I later find out that she works as a model. How funny isn't it? Just my luck. Too bad I didn't get her number. Guess I didn't want to be a douche since a guy was with her. Anyways, maybe I'll run into her again. So fashion shows went on throughout the weekend and I went to a couple of them. On Saturday, I actually met a spokesmodel for Rayito de Sol at a fashion show event. For those who don't know, Rayito de Sol specializes in sunscreen and tanning lotions. This girl I'm talking to there, absolutely gorgeous as well. No surprise she has a boyfriend. Met two models in two days though...not too shabby haha.

On the 22nd, some terrible event happened in Oslo, Norway. Some crazy nutcase decided to bomb a government building there and then go on a shooting rampage hours later at youth camp, killing 80-plus that day. What a sick human being. What is wrong these people? Something just went off in their head, telling them to go kill dozens of innocent people. Just ridiculous. The next day, on July 23rd, Amy Winehouse is found dead in her London home. That's all I'm gonna say about that. You all can Google that.

Last Thursday was a busy day. I worked most of the day until afternoon and then got ready to go watch a free prescreening of the movie Change-Up starting Jason Bateman, Ryan Reynolds, Olivia Wilde. Movie was pretty good. I recommend it if you liked the Hangover since it's from the same writers. Having Olivia Wilde in the movie as eye candy didn't hurt either. After the movie, I got ready to clubbing. I showered, ate a little, and started driving out towards South Beach (8th time in July). I get to Mynt Lounge a little after 11 PM, only to find it not open yet. Turns out I was early, fortunately, since there was no line. The place is like what the reviews say: looks like a whole in the wall but inside looks phenomenal. So I get in an hour later, though had to pay the $30 cover (heck, everyone to pay I think) but it's like paying $30 to enter an exclusive VIP club. The lighting and decorations were awesome, and the DJ was blaring house music through their amazing sound system. Before you know it, the place starts getting packed and people start going crazy, dancing everywhere. Go-go dancers start coming out, dancing on the bar counters, handing out glow sticks. Met some friendly foreigners from Amsterdam, Argentina, Brazil, etc. Everyone wanted to take pics with me for some reason. Must be the fact I'm the token Asian there haha. 90% of the people are gorgeous, and of course, and Miss Nine was awesome. Man, what a night. Now that's what I call a party. I was actually surprised that I got in there without a problem. Well, won't be last time I hope.

Over the weekend, I went out on Saturday to The Florida Room at Delano Hotel. night up past 3 AM. This can't be healthy =/ Florida Room at Delano's not too shabby, considering no cover but still doesn't compare to Mynt Lounge. Once again, be nice to the doormen. Some girl called the guy some name and was completely turned away. Think I'll start inviting externs since residents are too "busy" to go out these days. Uh oh, puny gecko alert. Need to catch it before it just dies in here. Hotel, which isn't too shabby, considering no cover but still doesn't compare to Mynt Lounge. My wait was actually much longer than at Mynt Lounge, mainly because it was quite late. Lesson to learn: be nice to the doormen. Some girl called the guy some name and was completely turned away. What's also cool about the hotel is there is a huge chess board with actual chess pieces in the back lawn area. I only spent $2 that night. Just goes to show, you don't need to blow all your money to have a good time. I like partying for little or nothing haha.

Yesterday I woke up late, slept through morning report because I didn't set my alarms(yes, alarms as in plural because one won't wake me) and on the way to the hospital, I have the dumb luck of getting pulled over. Fortunately, I mention that I'm a doctor and they cops let me go with a warning. It's good to know there are actually some kind officers out there.

Just a few photos for now. I'll upload more later.

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