Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Week testifying in trial, or at least it felt like it.

Last week was definitely one crazy week. As some of you are probably aware, I was back in LA this last week, partly for personal business, which included the trial for my kidnapping ordeal. For those who don’t know, I was kidnapped at gunpoint, in my own vehicle, nearly two years ago on March 31st, 2009. And almost two years later, we finally have a trial.

So on Tuesday I was transported to the Burbank courthouse by a detective for anticipation of my testimony. Somehow, jury selection took longer than expected and I didn’t even get to testify that afternoon. The deputy district attorney told me I needed to return the following morning and I would “likely” start first thing in the morning since jury selection was complete. Afterwards, I met up with a friend for a meal at Portos.

I return on Wednesday in preparation for my testimony, only to discover that that there was a problem with one of the jury members. That delayed the start and I waited and waited until noon without any answers. I’ve come to realize that when attorneys say “likely,” it actually means “low probability” of happening. So finally get to testify at 2:30 in afternoon. It was actually quite excruciating on the witness stand. Good thing no one I knew was present because it was not pretty. Felt like I was reliving the entire event all over again. I couldn't even look the defendant in the eye. 

Unfortunately, my testimony runs through the closing time for court that afternoon, so I have to return the following morning. They cancel my flight again and rebook for the following morning. On St. Patrick’s Day morning, I’m transported back to the courthouse. Thought I would start right away but there was another delay, which I never found out why. I ended up getting rushed to finish up my portion on the witness stand. Time was of the essence, as I finished just in time for my personal ride to the airport. I make a quick stop home on the way to the airport, and then barely made it on time to board my flight. So I at least got a free flight out of all that.

On my flight back I met a 1st year law student from UM, whose family actually owns a castle in Spain. Sounds like their family is quite wealthy haha. The guy actually invited me to party with him that evening for St. Patrick’s Day. Too bad I had to work the next morning, and boy did I work. On Friday, I worked almost 12 hours, then on Saturday returned for more rounds. Was on call Sunday night, though still round with the cardiologist on Monday post-call, which is unheard of.

Was good catching up with some friends this past week, even though it was a hectic vacation, if you can even call it that. Those I didn’t get to meet up with, catch you next time perhaps.

For those of you who think Miami gas prices are expensive, think again. This is in LA. 

Ultra Music Festival in less than 2 days. I'm so excited and I just can't hide it. And I know I know I know...


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